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Job Details
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Position: Museum Development Coordinator
Company: Garden of The Gulf Museum
Date Posted: May 11, 2020
Closing Date: May 29, 2020
Category: Culture/Arts
Employment Type: Seasonal
Region(s): Montague
Details: This is a seasonal full time position.
Job Specifics/requirements
General Summary of Duties:
· Creates, implements special events, interpretation, education and partnerships to fulfill museum mandate
· Develops curriculum related school programs; develops and oversees education collection and “kits”.
· Develop relationships with local businesses and other cultural sites to foster joint promotions and programs
· Carries out research, collection development, documentation and interpretation according to professional standards
· Develops exhibitions to meet the needs of the community and current and new audiences. Acts as project leader for new exhibitions.
· Monitors accuracy of artifact information using credible sources
· Supports Operations Manager in environmental scanning and funding applications; maintains relations with donors and funding bodies
· Establishes community links and partnerships
· Ensures safety and security of visitors, staff, volunteers, collections and property.
·Identifies and recommends material for inclusion in the collection according to acquisitions policy.
· Conducts research for publication and or distribution via various media (including web site).
· Makes recommendations for items for the gift shop.
· Carries out tasks related to opening, closing, cleaning of museum daily and seasonally.
· Contributes to program evaluation; conducts evaluation of museum guides.
·Other duties as assigned from time to time by the Operations Manager
**First aid considered an asset, bilingual applicant preferred qualification but not required.

Rate of Pay: $13.36 an hour, 40 hours a week

Special Projects Program
• Targeted age group for the program is 30+ years of age and employees must be unemployed, exhausted or about to exhaust their Employment Insurance, have difficulty securing employment in the private sector and demonstrate need.
• Employees may be required to provide documentation to demonstrate need.
• Employees must be residents of Prince Edward Island, eligible to work in Canada and registered with the Jobs Registry of the Employment Development Agency.
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