Know Yourself


When planning one's career, it is important to consider your personality type. Are you someone who prefers to work primarily around people or on your own? Do you prefer a work environment that is flexible and continuously changing or a stable, structured one? Do you tend to be the "ideas" person in the work place who focuses on future possibilities, or the practical person who focuses on the facts in the given moment? The answers to these questions are very important in determining a career that is well suited to your personality and is more likely to lead to career satisfaction.


It is also important to consider your interests when exploring a career. A number of careers might be well matched for you based on your personality type, but you will be happier in your career if you are able to pursue areas of interest. Another value in identifying your interests is to learn ways to improve your current work situation or to meet those needs outside of work.


Once a person has identified their personality type and interests, it is essential to identify your skills. Skills are your strengths or things that you do really well. It is important to pursue a job or career that is realistic based on what you are able to do. Some skills can be learned and some skills might be a natural talent or ability.

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